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Ad Reference Number:
Full Name: ____________________________________
Street Address: _________________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________________
Home Phone: _____ - _____ - _____
E-Mail: ___________@ _________________
Date of Birth: __________________________

Position Desired: _________________________________
Date Available To Start: __________________________
Full Time or Part Time: ___________________________
Do You Have Computer Experience? __________________
Do You Have Internet Experience? ____________________
Do You Have Typing Experience? _____________________
Personal Statement About Why You Would Be A Good Employee:

Please include your resume if you have one!


ACCEPTED: __________ DECLINED: ____________
INITIALS OF PROCESSOR: _______________
APPLICATION FEE: _____________________
EMPLOYEE ID# ASSIGNED: _______________

How to Apply   

Michelle's Work at Home Services charge a one-time application fee of only 20.00 to cover our processing fees and training materials. There will NEVER be any further costs to you. If, for any reason, Michelle's Work-At-Home Services does not accept your application, your application fee WILL BE refunded to you promptly. Once your application is accepted, WE CAN NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. Mail your completed application and application fee to:Michelle's Work-At-Home ServicesC/o Michelle De La Cruz278 W. St. Clair
Romeo, MI 48065

Or you can fax the application and the Independent Contract to: 


There are 4 forms of payment that we accept.   Money orders, western union, and Storm Pay, and AlertPay (which works the same as Storm Pay), which will take 5 to 7 business days to process paperwork once we receive all your paper work, including a completed application and a signed Contractors agreement.   Please make money orders out to: Michelle De La Cruz.    If you would like to use Storm Pay, you will need to use dework@comcast.net as the Storm Pay to send it to.   If you do not have a Storm Pay account, you can sign up for free at the following link:


 If you do not have an Alertpay account, you can sign up for free at the following link:


 The email address to use for alertpay is dework@comcast.net.  



Please initial each number and sign and 
date the form.
As a new home typist I understand and 
agree to the following:  
1______                    I am of legal age to enter into 
binding contracts in the state, county or 
Providence which I execute this agreement.
Upon approval and acceptance of said agreement
I will be an Independent Contractor responsible 
for my own business and NOT an employee of 
Michelle's Work at Home Services.  I understand 
it is my responsibility to pay any self-employment 
taxes and any local, state and/or federal taxes 
as required by the laws of my state of residence.
2______ I agree to conduct myself in a professional
and ethical manner at all times and I also 
understand that no statements or representations 
whatsoever may be made regarding Michelle's Work 
at Home Services.  Failure to adhere to all terms
of this agreement is cause for immediate 
termination and I understand it could result 
in legal proceedings against myself.
3______ As an Independent Contractor you 
are entitled to cancel participation in 
this program at anytime for any reason 
upon written notification to Michelle's 
Work at Home Services.  Michelle's Work 
at Home Services may, at any time, 
for any reason outside of the provisions 
for acceptance terminate an Independent 
Home Typist.
This agreement shall be governed by all 
the laws of the state of Michigan and 
all claims, disputes or other matters 
between the parties shall be brought 
in the state or federal court in Macomb 
County, Michigan.
By signing this agreement, I ___________ 
(printed name) understand all the contents 
herein this agreement.
_______________________________  DATE ___________


Refund Policy

We do not issue refunds due to the distribution control measures we take, along with the costs involved with setting up your account & creation of assignments. This fee also covers customer care
and payment to our help desk assistant.

If a refund or chargeback occurs after the package has left our hands, it is legally considered a fraudulent order
and action will be persued on behalf of Michelle's Work at Home Services.

Please note:

You must complete the paid evaluation program before you can advance to the clerical and data entry jobs that are sent to our work distribution center. Once you complete the paid evaluation, you will then be contacted by the work distribution center and you will be given a list of jobs that are available to choose from.