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Here you will find sample job assignments that have been given out in the past.


We were contacted by an online marketing company that wanted their bi-monthly newsletter typed and edited on an ongoing basis.  The newsletter was emailed to one of our home typists and she had to edit and retype the newsletter and get it ready to be sent out for the marketing company.  We secured a 6 month contract for this work and the typist was paid for each newsletter she typed.  The 6 month (part time job) netted our home typist .



An author needed inquiry letters typed to 50 different publishers in hopes of having one of the companies publish his manuscript.  The letter was a one-page document in block format.  He paid one of our home typists per page for each letter she typed.  This job paid .


Our work distribution center had a need for research work to be done and this work was completed by several of our home workers.  They had to search websites for specific information and compile it into their word processing program and then email it to the work center.  They were paid for each research project completed.


(Note:  The above sample work assignments do not represent assignments you will receive but serve as examples only).

 Refund Policy

We do not issue refunds due to the distribution control measures we take, along with the costs involved with setting up your account & creation of assignments. This fee also covers customer care and payment to our help desk assistant.

If a refund or chargeback occurs after the package has left our hands, it is legally considered a fraudulent order
and action will be persued on behalf of Michelle's Work at Home Services.